that's me, joining a home group

i'll bring the pot for the hot water for tea next sunday and i couldn't be more happy about it.

this is a meeting i love. love. it's big, and boisterous, and crowded and noisy, and respectful, and loving. and i wanted to join this home group and did so today.

i went back for a cup of tea and was told there was none. i said "you need someone to bring hot water then, don't you?" and they volunteered me. absolutely perfect since i am a former restaurant owner and have a boatload of coffee urns waiting to be used.

when i was approaching the window (i am writing backwards), there was a man i recognized from the meeting i bolted from friday night -- he said "man, am i glad to see you!!" i grinned at him and said, "i had a tough time with that meeting," to which he replied, "it was written all over your lasted about five minutes longer than i expected you to."

it was called the "No Balking" Big Book meeting, and when i was leaving that night, i looked him straight in the eye and said, "i am balking" and walked out."

he said "i am so glad to see you here - talk to me about friday night." so i did. i opened up about everything i had written here, said i went to another meeting because i knew i needed it, and expressed my gratitude for his concern. he asked me if i was a "reader" -- ha! he took me to the front of the room and gave me a reflections/devotional book that is really wonderful, which i will now incorporate into my daily reading as i has just picked one up at Border's yesterday.

most of you who know me know i am not a "devotionals" reader. these are special, i can assure you.

so i was touched by someone's concern and kindness, signed up to bring tea, and was invited to go to yoga a couple of times a month with another member. things are looking okay for today.

living in the day, 24 hours at a time.

"can i freshen that up for you?" (just practicing.....)

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