The Work of the Kingdom is to Work for the Kingdom

Farmers Planting Potatoes
Vincent VanGogh
Oil on canvas
66.0 x 149.0 cm.
Nuenen: August-September, 1884

---><--- There are many forces over which the individual can exercise no control whatsoever. A man plants a seed in the ground and the seed sprouts and grows. The weather, the winds, the elements, cannot be controlled by the farmer. The result is never a sure thing. So what does the farmer do? He plants. Always he plants. Again and again he works at it - the ultimate confidence and assurance that even though his seed does not grow to fruition, seeds do grow and they do come to fruition.

The task of those who work for the Kingdom of God is to WORK for the Kingdom of God. The result beyond this demand is not in their hands. He who keeps his eyes on results cannot give himself wholeheartedly to his task, however simple or complex that task may be.

Howard Thurman - Source: The Inward Journey


perfect segue for a post i made about 1/2 later... combined because it just made sense :)

i just posted, above, on working for the Kingdom. it seems my friend, Erin (of Biscotti Brain) is. here is a small article on her (then up-coming) trip to Africa. to have a mustard seed of faith...she is there now on a life-altering mission.

i am sure your prayers won't be lost on her and the team she is working with.

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