spot check

when someone i care about has been "absent" for four days, i usually call them. that is one of the coolest things about the friends i am making in AA - they call to check in on you if they haven't seen you for more than "a couple of 24s."

i have been the recipient of such calls, as well as warm hugs when someone has missed me. i've been going to meetings every morning and double up on wednesdays and fridays. the folks i am used to seeing on monday nights are the ones that miss me -- who knew?

anyway, i've not posted here for 4 days, but have on my m2 blog because my son's band just played at the stone pony in asbury park. you can read about it over there, if'n you are interested. bigger than that, however, is the fact he is having lap band surgery tomorrow. this is a day he has waited for for quite some time and he is beyond excited. poor kid has been on a liquid diet for an entire week -- you want to know about sacrifice, try drinking broth for 8 days straight and see how simpatico the world is, but i am digressing. a prayer on max's behalf would be a bonus.

and no, i don't want to drink over this. believe it or not, this alcoholic knows it isn't all about her.

(at least tomorrow, it won't be :)

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