Happy Easter!

The Resurrection & The Empty Tomb
Oil on wood panels, 314cm x 360cm / 10.417ft x 12ft [combined dimensions]
© David Begley 2002. Church of The Most Holy Trinity, Bunclody, Co Wexford, Ireland

we attended the Easter Vigil last night, renewed our baptismal promises, watched one man be baptized and three others, along with him, be brought into the Church.

the services held during Holy Week: Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday and the Easter vigil - are, for me, the services that hold me fast to the Catholic faith. yes, there are many reasons why i am Catholic, even though i have openly discussed my struggles from within the confines of the Church. however, my devotion is renewed during Holy Week and is actually enough to carry me through the balance of the year, save any unforeseen evangelicals whisking me away to other far-off and far-out places :)

in other news: life has been busy, really busy, and oftentimes i spend more time away from the computer than i do in front of it, which is good. i had been seeking God in so many places and in so many ways, all i really needed to do was put down some of my idols and look up - He's been there the entire time.

in other news, i attended Kelly's ultrasound on thursday and it was discovered at that time that she is carrying my granddaughter, Hannah :) i fill up with tears even as i type the words. i have finished two blankets for her, have a third one 1/3 of the way finished, and upon the advice of my favorite yarn shop, just began knitting her a sweater. she is going to be one warm and funky little girl!

we go for brunch at my brother-in-law's and dinner at my son's in-laws' home. as i type this at 8:00 a.m., i am filled to overflowing with joy this morning at so many things, none the least of which is the Resurrection. i am living proof He makes all things new.

i hope all have a brilliant and blessed Easter.

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