my dr. mcdreamy

i went to see my doctor yesterday about my thyroid. my thyroid almost completely shut down 18 months ago and i am on a pretty high dose of synthroid to help keep me functioning at a *normal* level. i told him i always feel like i am on the verge - on the verge of a sore throat, flu, mono...but never quite "get it." so he asked, natch, if i was taking my vitamins - my calcium 3x/day and multi?

uh, noooo.

okay, we have a plan :)

i also had bloodwork drawn yesterday, which blood was acquired, apparently by the bruise on my right arm, with a running start and a size 14 gauge needle. once the results are in, he will adjust my synthroid downward, but i have these weird patchy things which is also a symptom of my dis-ease, so who knows? he really wants it removed, but if it ain't doing me any harm, my thyroid stays in my neck, thank you very much.

since i blew off my last appointment with him, it's been a while -- you may not realize if you are "new" here, but my doc looks like Gabriel Byrne, and i adore him :) so he asked if anything else was new and i said, "yes, i stopped drinking."

"are you attending meetings?"

"yes, daily. sometimes two a day."

"since when?"

"since december."

because he is an astute hottie physician, he took a look back on my history and grinned at me - said "it says here you have maybe two glasses of wine a week."

:: blink, blink :: "i lied." we both broke up laughing, to which he replied, "no, you didn't lie -- your disease did."

we continued talking about it and he has a lot of knowledge about AA and the step work, which makes me wonder....but it was great being able to talk to my doctor and i go back in about 4 months to sit and gawk at him, once again. see, the alcoholic penni would have hit on him and meant it. this penni simply flirted and could walk away from him, not thinking he had ulterior motives and how to follow up on them....

imagine that :)

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