catching my breath

general m2 updates for those interested. think of it as a "drive-by" posting...
  • Max has lost 5 pounds since his surgery last week, which brings his total to 15 pounds down since 2/21/2008 (woohoo!!)
  • somebody hacked into my email address that i have had since the onset of time, completely to the point of changing it every 1/2 hour so they could send out 1100 emails to various people looking for a loan with varying rates. i loved finding this out. so they changed my email address from to, and so forth, up to -09. let's do the math, shall we? 1200 emails x 9 =10,800. i am so pleased!! so don't email me at my normal address until tomorrow, and yes, i changed my flipping password, and why on earth would this happen to me? i couldn't get more boring if i tried! (oh, you know that's a lie.... :)
  • i celebrated 90 days of sobriety on saturday. i am still a baby in the world of AA but couldn't be more thrilled at my clarity of mind and hopefully more sound decision making. oh, and i have a cooler relationship with God than i had ever imagined i would. un-freaking-real.
  • did i mention i was no longer at the hospital? i resigned (sadly) because i had too many family commitments which took me away on the weekends i was scheduled to work. i guess when Ben & Kelly have their baby, i really will be like a normal person in the waiting room :)
  • it has been over a year since we closed the restaurant and while i am still trying to recover from the "wreckage of my past," it was a good, solid decision and my hub is a happier chef as a result of it. it was meant to happen.
  • last call for book submissions - TO, yes dear one, i got your submission, and it was brilliant. folks, these are so wonderful when they come in, i am honored to have had a glimpse into the lives of those who have contributed. however, i will give it a bit more time before i close the PO box, so if'n you want to commit, now is your chance :)
hoping all are well -- stop in and say hello, tell me what you've been doing and update me on your world...

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