Iseult O'Flynn

i feel like i have been really disconnected, away from here, in other places. no, i have not picked up a drink or anything else that would cause me to relapse :)

i have an appointment with my therapist today and then afterward, i am meeting friends at the gym, which sounds horrific to my eyes as i type this, that i am going to the gym...however, a one-month membership was given to me as a birthday gift and i need to do something other than bitch about my weight and my shape; therefore, the gym.

i went this past saturday and ached a little yesterday, but it was okay. one of the guys in the program who i have become friends with is a personal trainer. i get all this knowledge for $0 and i am hoping the end result will be worth it (hahaha!!). it took him 3 months to convince me i would feel better if i started relieving some of the stress by working out. we'll see.

other than that, i chaired my homegroup meeting yesterday because nobody else wanted to. as the coffee maker, it is my decision who sits in the hot seat; i chose to so the meeting could get started. i can honestly say it was far beyond my comfort zone to chair a meeting with over 100 in attendance -- hell, i already make coffee for them all! but in the end, i sighed a sigh of relief, signed off on a boatload of court documents, and then went and cleaned up the coffee and set up for last night's meeting. felt like i was chief, cook, and bottle washer, but it's all good.

hoping all is well - just wanted to reconnect, get caught up on some blog reading, and say i am still here.

a bit quiet, but still here.

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