max update

all things good :)

he is in a competition at the high school tomorrow (the birthday of Yours Truly and The Papa) that if he wins, prom tickets are one of the prizes. he has to compete in formal wear, swim wear, and talent. i cannot even begin to tell you how proud this mama is that he is stepping out of his comfort zone, but hey, i guess a 33 POUND WEIGHT LOSS THUS FAR is a good enabler :) will let you know how he fares.

also - speaking of proms - i was really starting to get nervous about his asking a girl to the prom because he is on the shy side. seems i need not worry - he received an invitation on friday from one of his girl *friends* - via text message (!) - to be her prom date. gotta love technology :) get this - she just got out of a rehab for bulimia. fitting in an odd sort of way she would attend the prom with someone who recently had lap band surgery.

on a final *note* - is band, back seat riot, will be playing on May 10th at a Philadelphia theater called The Trocadero at a music event called The Exposure Music Festival. any local bloggers care to join us in Philly? drop me a line - how cool it would be to meet there!

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