Neil Young - Don't Let it Bring You Down (Live '71)

a bit of a mantra for me lately.

still blue. things going on at home that have me in a bit of a twist - like my conversation with the hub last night:

"why do you have to go to two meetings on fridays? if you go to one in the morning, why do you have to go at night?"

"because you are not an alcoholic, you won't really understand. fridays are tough for me."


"if you don't want me to go to my night meeting, then i won't."

"i don't want to hold you back. i just don't see why you have to go to two meetings a day on some days..."

and i stopped the merry-go-round so i could get off.

am doing what i can to stay in today, not project other than tomorrow, i am chairing my first speaker's meeting. nobody ever has notes with them. not even 3x5 cards. freaking-A, i am a writer. i need to have at least 3x5 cards for bullet points, no?

trying not to be depressed. easier said than done. trying not to freak about tomorrow. see previous sentence. trying to stay in today. find myself looking at my feet and saying, "this is where you are supposed to be."

hanging on to Mr. Young's phrase, "...and you will come around."

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