Visita al museo

Visita al museo
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i couldn't think of a more perfect way of spending time with precious young ladies :)

speaking of precious young ladies...our Hannah, who is still enjoying her vacation in utero, will be the recipient of many a knitted project from her granny? grammy? grams? mimi? i need help in the naming of my self department...
but i digressed. i am finishing up her third blanket, finished one hooded sweater, and just began a sweater dress. the Yarn Shop Ladies suggested i branch out from the blankets because i can pretty much do those in my sleep.

next stop: socks! julie d., i may be calling on you for help, sister :) i found a wonderful tutorial about knitting online from a site cleverly titled, which i would recommend for anyone from beginners to advanced. it has actually taken me away from the computer for large chunks of time.

who would've thought?

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