The fallen
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depression is not fun. i still think it is cyclical and have been seeing my therapist for a bit now, but i am back into a deep funk-type mood and it is very difficult to pull myself out. you cannot simply "snap out of it."

i talked to my husband on the way home from Mass. just when you need a good homily (like very Sunday you need one, but i am digressing), the priest did not deliver so much. not his fault, he had an agenda, as did i, and he met his, and i did not. i did participate in the Mass though, so regardless of whether or not i was "fed" this afternoon at Mass, i talked to God about things so it's all good on that level.

i guess i need to make an appointment to see a psychiatrist who can actually prescribe medication at a higher dose or a different medication altogether. what i know is this is very difficult and while i may feel temporary reprieves every now and again, they are not sustained for any lengths of time and that, in and of itself, is depressing, too.

just letting you know where i have been and where i *am*.

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