Brief Interlude in Minor Rant

By: Ted Nasmith
Title: The Sea
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Last Modified: 28 October 2002

So my step sponsor said to start writing my 4th step as part of my homework this week. And so it began, in the parking lot of the CVS this morning as I waited for it to open.

(Have I mentioned my aimless wandering since my meeting start time changed??)

It is not an easy writing assignment. You see, I have no resentments, or not many, that I can think of. Am I perhaps Angelic? Not really. Delusional? Mebbe. I just really don’t resent many folks.

Now, if you ask me to write about the many people who get on my last raw nerve? Now we’re talking! I began writing. I read a lot, wrote some more. Followed my notes, did my assignment, called my sponsor and said I probably wouldn’t be ready by Wednesday. She said she didn’t expect me to be done, just started, and that it could take upwards of a month.

A month? Are you kidding me?

I have to admit – I have issues with doing this at all. It feels nitpicky. It feels unnecessary as I have already given up all this stuff in the confessional and been forgiven. It’s all tossed into the Sea of Forgetfulness, so why dredge it up like it’s a beach replenishment project?

I have issues with this, people. I know, I know – it’s part of sobriety. It’s part of working the steps.

I know I know I know.

I want an easier, softer way.


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