knitting pics

we had kelly's shower this weekend and took a couple of pics of the things i made. i said i'd share so here they are -- prepare to be amazed at my sweet skills :)

remember -- (a) i have had time daily to sit and knit at meetings and (2) objects are farther away than they appear...
in the interest of full disclosure, there were two more blankets and you already saw the bunny. and yes, my blogging had pretty much been put on hold, why do you ask?

edited to add two more pictures i sent to myself from my cell phone - the blanket i thought would never end and the jerry garcia-type hoodie...cute stuff, et?
they got many cool things and will be off to a very nice start. now all we can do is wait until the end of july/beginning of august...

finally, ben, kelly and in her belleh, baby hannah :)

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