my second high school grad :)

max was graduated from high school last night. it was lovely, the weather conditions breezy, on the cooler side, even. he looked awesome and had a great time as there was a bit of excitement to help add the the memory of the evening - here is an interesting article on what happened during the salutatorian's speech; it would seem she had a little something to say about the board of education/administration and decided it was her forum to say it in.

question of the day: what do you think about this? is it a violation of the freedom of speech or is it an improper forum to speak out against what she feels is going on within the confines of school?

back to us, because it is, after all, about us -- above is the most recent family portrait. i love moments like these because everyone looks so happy. bickering may not be far behind, but for that one moment, it is all good :)

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