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it came to my attention that my daughter and her friends went to a party about 3 weeks ago that had no parental supervision and had alcohol present. one of her friends, who weighs all of about 80 pounds, had too much to drink and my then 14-year old daughter and her friends spent the entire night taking care of her. she is very lucky nothing worse happened as alcohol poisoning would have been a distinct possibility.

i have always had a myspace so i could keep up with what was going on. then i created a facebook because i noticed they spent more time there than on their myspaces. their friends think it's cool to add me as a friend, which is also great because i can kind of keep an eye on them, too.

all this keeping an eye on things led me to pictures tonight to were representative of the night my daughter's friend drank herself into a blackout. typical pictures of girls holding up the bottle, looking tipsy (although admittedly there were no pics of my daughter downing anything from a shot glass). there were, however, about 5 pictures taken in my daughter's room.

in my house.

a bottle of God knows what, big one at that, in my daughter's room, in my house. the night her friend could have been in a bad, bad way.

this has gone from bad to worse. i don't know what to do or how to handle it. i never had this with my boys and never thought i would with her, but her grades slipped downward this year and we are looking at 5 weeks of summer school for science, her friends ("not me, ma!") drinking and now pictures posted on one of her friends' facebook account that i got an "update" on. i am sick to my stomach.

this is stream of consciousness typing as i don't want to call my sponsor because i don't have the urge to drink, but i feel like i am losing control here in my household and am starting to get really rattled to the core.


thanks for listening. any thoughts would be appreciated unless, of course, you come in to tell me what a shitty mother i am. that, you can keep to yourself. i'm already doing a good job of it.

i am not, however, going to drink over this.

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