hannah mae :)

labor went as labors do...kel was fully ready at 2:45, but her epidural proved a very powerful deterrent to pushing :( 5 hours later, a very exhausted mama pushed my dear granddaughter from one world into the next and she is here, and beautiful, and beloved.

i was not in the room more than twice, less than five minutes each time because my daughter in law is private and i respected her boundaries. no, i was not adult and was not self-less this entire time because you know how quickly feelings can be bruised and how sensitive i have been these last few weeks/months about life in general. i stood on the other side of the door with a dear friend (who is Pastor Charlie's wife) and we cried in joy and she held my hand when Hannah arrived at 8:02 p.m. when you think of defining moments, it is always good to have someone who loves you present, and Donna was there for me in a way that i will never forget.

and while i may not have been the first to see her, i was, in fact, the first grandparent to hold this dear child of God :)

without waxing further, here is the new love of my life, Hannah Mae:

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