where are you, exactly?

Sand Piper
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i have been away for a few weeks, honestly wondering if i am going to continue blogging. i have had incredible moments of clarity, as well as moments of complete confusion.

i've almost lost my job.

i've wanted to drink but have not and have almost 10 months of continuous sobriety.

things are healing with my family, but the transition has still been too painful and personal to recount here.

i have made a dear friend in the past few weeks that i have to break away from for reasons i cannot detail here...

i have been journaling a lot.

i have been on the beach walking, writing, meditating and watching the sandpipers. they are precious, God's ocean and power are immense and my life but a speck in the whole scheme of things.

i feel like i need to regroup and recenter and along with that thought comes the question about whether or not to continue to blog. I think i am simply going to go on hiatus so i will maintain my blog addresses so they will not be overtaken by spammers, but it also leaves the door open for me to return. chances are since my recovery and continued sobriety are pretty high on my priority list, you may find me over there more than you find me here. four years is a long time to be here sharing my heart and my life with virtual strangers, but i can assure you that many of you have been woven in the fabric of my life.

i will be around commenting elsewhere, making myself known here and there.

until i return, however....be well.

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