reality check.

i have lectored the entire month of january, which brings me great joy.  i love reading the Word and it is something i carry with me the entire week.

when i go up to receive Communion, i pass by the bulletin board of prayer requests.  i am uncertain if your parish or church has one, but if it does, i would suggest you go by and read what others have on their is a reality check.  sadly, i usually only remember to do so on saturdays when i am there, but as i passed by, i read one this weekend that simply said "God, please help me with my addiction" - nothing else.

(nothing else needed to be said)

little arrow prayers are all that are needed (for the writer and the reader), and for the addict who is suffering, above, perhaps a good network that can be found in a 12-step program.  we don't have to suffer alone (thank God).

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