exhaustion - emily maxell
I have really been under the weather. Nothing terribly serious or life-threatening, thank God, but nonetheless, not myself in the least.
I have Epstein Barr Virus or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Yuppie Flu (take your pick, eh?) What it does is it zaps my energy levels where I only have the ability to do what is absolutely necessary (i.e., go to work) and leave the rest (i.e., housework). The laundry is never done anyway.
Where am I spiritually? I am on pretty good footing. I am not struggling when it comes to making the right choices for myself, I am relying on God more and more and have been able to say no to things that would be less than helpful to me and my family. I also have been listening to some really amazing podcasts from some preachers whose messages I respect and that has been very affirming.
So just a quick check-in. I miss my blog buds and am hopeful all is well with your souls. It is well with mine :)

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