Day 2 Post-Op/Day 1 Pre-Op

the first part of our morning was spent in tears. it is quite difficult to explain how the infection could have been so much more serious without totally "freaking her out," but she's 15-going-on-16, only sees it as her world being disrupted.

(and it has been, greatly.)

some of my AA friends are taking a roadtrip to bring me a meeting today and to bring miss moll a laptop and movies from home...a wealth of friends i have now, that i never knew i needed (or even wanted). i spent so many years isolated, save for interracting with people from our restaurant and family, that i failed to cultivate many friendships. i had one good friend, actually, and many acquaintences. it is really quite incredible because when i first started going to AA, molly said "mommy, you'll make new friends!" and i remember saying "that is SO NOT why i am going!!" but it has been a lovely by-product. i can count on these men and women when the chips are down and while i have absolutely zero thought of picking up a drink, i know i need to "stay in the game" or i will stop caring about my sobriety altogether.

(thank God that today, i am sober.)

thank you, my dears, for the lovely comments. if i had more time, you know i would address you all individually. however, i become a bit anxious when i spend more than 1/2 hour away from molly, so i must bid you adieu until this evening. your prayers (and YOUR FRIENDSHIPS) are coveted.

God continues to provide moments of gentleness & laughter, even amidst the anxiety and pain ♥

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