we arrived home late wednesday night.  my dog hope was overjoyed to see me; the cats, not so much.

yesterday - molly's 16th birthday - was spent cleaning.  i cannot believe how dirt is utterly apparent now....germs, which are a sweeter way of saying BACTERIA....are on my last nerve already.  got out the mega container of antibacterial wipes and had my way with those germs.

the home health care supply guy was here early, went over the supplies and paperwork (we look like a hospital supply room) and the nurse was here for quite a while, teaching and going over cleaning and keep the port clean.  she will be over once a week to draw labs and change molly's dressing.  we liked her immediately.

[we are so going to get through this.]

we prepared for the onslaught of teenagers...went and got Molly a dress and me a watch w/a second hand (which was needed for medical purposes), made a huge hotel pan of ziti and another of caesar salad...ordered 8 pizzas, had mega sodas and water, big birthday cake with her sweet picture on it from when she was about 4, wearing a ballerina outfit she used to don every day (pictured here).  we thought maybe 25 or so kids would show...there were about 50 here when we sang happy birthday :)  it was so special, she really looked beautiful and happy.

[really hard to believe just last thursday we were entering into crisis mode.]

it's good to be home.

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