molly's surgery

molly's surgery went as well as could be expected. what wasn't expected, however, was the fact that the infection went into her spine and the lower part of her fusion didn't "take". she will be on iv antibiotics for six weeks and then maybe additionally after that by mouth. he said after 6 weeks, he would evaluate her to see if she needed any "hardware exchanged." my stomach flips at the thought of it.

so her fusion didn't take, she has a raging infection, we will be here until at least wednesday, please say a prayer we are home in time for her sweet 16 birthday dinner, which is slated for thursday (on her 16th birthday). i haven't told her anything beyond the fact that she will need another surgery to remove the "sponge" in place in her back to help the infection drain. the antibiotics via a PICC line (iv) x 6 weeks at the start of summer??? omg, please pray for her.

please pray that this infection is going to be cleared up and her hardware she presently has can stay in, that no exchange will be necessary.

i am grateful to have so many praying friends. i had about 5 different melt-downs yesterday (out of earshot of molly) and today, after i finish my cup of flavored water they call coffee and take a blistering hot shower, i think it will be a better day. she had a good night - out of bed three times, admonished not to look at her back, has a little flippant attitude (hello, morphine?) and is resting comfortably.

please, if i may be so bold to request this - please continue to pray for my girl. she has a hard row to hoe ahead of her, and will be filled with moments of self-doubt and depression, but God will lift her up. as with Moses in Exodus, i need my friends to help support my hands in prayer.

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