The neurotic doesn't know how to cope with his emotional bills; some he keeps paying over and over, others he never pays at all.  ~Mignon McLaughlin, The Neurotic's Notebook, 1960


ahhhh....the proverbial emotional rollercoaster.  there are times over the past what, 7 weeks? that i have awoken with what would be likened to an emotional hangover.

i have a great deal of rhetoric that plays like an endlessly-looped tape in my head:  if i want a different result, i  must take a different action.  think think think.  you can't stop (fill in the blank) when you are still (filling in the blank)...i am sure you, my friends, could add more.



so i am frozen, yet still seeking God (even though i continue to act in a behavior that i KNOW separates me from Him), and am hopeful for the day to arrive that sets me aright, that eases my pain of separation, and allows me to begin trudging forward, once again, with purpose.

until then, i will continue to remain a bit pensive, but will attempt to be less introverted.

in the meantime, i have missed my bloggy pals.  for kicks, please - in the comments box - give me your definition of "sin" and what you do to dislodge yourself from same.

(oh, come on -- a few weeks away, i had to shake y'all up, just a little bit :)