Splayed Bananas
Shelby Prindaville

there are things going on in my world that are too serious or too painful (personally) to blog about. i've been on a bit of an hiatus and things have been quiet here for those very reasons.

i believe there are times for quiet, and then i think one day i will be REALLY honest and surprise the hell out of everyone. however, my family reads this and some of my friends who are a bit more than acquaintances and i don't wish to shock anyone into sense.

honesty is good. there are things, as they say in the rooms, that you dump on your sponsor and don't share in an open public forum. even the best-intentioned folks can have loose lips, so it is best that i remain silent.

molly is well. my family is doing well (for the most part). what a wonderful space we are apparently in, but there is so much beneath the surface. if you like neat and tidy, i suppose this is my paragraph for it.

one day i may be totally honest and break my world wide open. however, it wouldn't simply be "my" world that would have its innards splayed out for the world to see. that is precisely why i err on the side of caution.

(oh, what a fearsome day that would be.)

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