honesty in response requested

anonimity accepted.

here they are, answer accordingly:

(1) how important do you find it to be on someone's "blogroll?"
(2) do you scan blogrolls to see if you are listed?
(3) do you list the person who listed you, simply because they've taken note of your blog?
(4) do you list people whose blogs you enjoy and actually visit, or is it a status thing?
(5) do you find yourself feeling uncomfortable if you have been taken off of a person's blogroll?
(6) does this even factor into what you write or any part of your day?

i am just wondering - as i've mentioned, i've been surfing around a lot more lately since i've had time on my hands and have been off of my feet, and a few blogs have mentioned one or more of the above, even if in passing. it's something that's "noticed" and i am wondering if you notice, too?

i will answer in the comments so you don't know what i think (not that you'd care) prior to composing your responses...

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