i am mashed potatoes.

"Ordinary, comforting, and more than a little predictable, you're the glue that holds everyone together"
which is quite ironic actually since i am a low-carber. what are you?

(source provided by my new friend julie who is a Happy Catholic :)

what are you this Thanksgiving?


Julie D. said...

I'm NOT a low carber ... so this was perfect for me! :-)

~m2~ said...

go ahead...tell me you're thin. (then there will be a chink in the armor...)

i am rethinking the low carb issue with every pie i pull from my oven :)


Julie D. said...

But Martha, I cannot tell a lie. :-)

I will say that when I lost the most weight was due to exercise and portion control not carbs ... but let's not dwell on those things now as I look at our pecan and pumpkin pies (with homemade crust) and whipped cream waiting...