roller coaster...say what?

Oldest Son saw and hung out with Old Girlfriend yesterday.

i am supposed to be able to roll with it. go with the flow. he (O.S.) said i need to be more forgiving.

like Jesus.

and proceeds to throw up the fact that Jesus asked God to forgive the folks at the Cross for what they had done to Him.

insert blank look here.
  • was i not there for all the heartache and heartbreak just 6 short SHORT days ago?
  • have i not been the dutiful mama who has been awoken at midnight for "chats" for almost two weeks straight? (ask me how i function with sleep deprivation as my main diet)
  • have i offered my sacrifices of the Mass for him for almost the past two weeks straight?
  • is there an inherent difference between forgiveness and protecting your heart from harm?
  • he can forgive her, does that mean he has to hang out with her?
  • what happens when she starts dating other boys and wants to *share*
  • with him? what then? (see bullet point #2 for response to rhetorical question...)

Lord, teach me to be more like You in the forgiveness and not hold any resentment department. or have some of my cyberpallies tell me what the right response to all of this is.


Julie D. said...

Of course, I'm coming on the end of this whole thing but I'm wondering if this isn't a "learning curve" thing for your son. The "hands off" while watching teenagers walk their ways has got to be one of the hardest things ever and I'm just getting started. Haven't been where you've gone yet. So no answers here, but prayers for you, your son and the old girlfriend. :-)

~m2~ said...

i enjoyed being hands off...i live for being hands off...until this other thing surfaced that he's been keeping from us for years (see my road less traveled blog - it's in depth there if you are interested). now i have to be more in tune with what is going on and he is (thank God) talking to me about everything.

the hard thing is keeping my opinions to myself. yikes. muzzle me Lord, when appropriate.

there were a few people with older kids when mine were younger who would say "oh, just wait - it gets worse when they get older." i'd roll my eyes and say "yah, maybe for YOU!" sha. shoulda shut it when i had the chance (j/k) i think it doesn't get worse, it gets to a different level. a deeper level.

good thing i got Jesus, huh?

Julie D. said...

The "keeping opinions to myself" ... boy, do I relate to that problem. It is SO hard ... and that is when I get myself into trouble. I've gotta dig into that other blog. Looks like work might be slowing down just a tad so maybe tomorrow. :-)