this is all new to me

new to blogging. happy to have the outlet.

i have always wanted to write. i write all the time - my husband calls me "the scribe." i write notes, i take notes, even listeing to homilies now -- i write down those things that hit me in the heart.

even if nobody ever responds or adds or subtracts from things i have written, i am just happy to have an outlet.

my God, do i need an outlet.


cwmac said...

Hi Martha,
I saw your post over at Bad Husband and I just wanted to say I really appreciate your kind words.

Earlier today I got flamed by a blog creator in the same boat as Bad Husband. I gave him the same advice as BH.

BTW he was aking for advice. I don't run around blog land lecturing people about infidelity. Those that ask however do get my opinions. Believe me if someone wanted to they could spend a life time lecturing due to all of the people cheating or thinking of cheating or just plain posting photos of body parts. lol

Anyway thanks again you made a bad turn positive.

Come over to my site if you'd like. If you feel like it you can tell me how recovery is going.

Take care,


~m2~ said...

mac, i have no idea why i meet certain people, i just know it is for a reason.

i visited your site today and will return as i now have you in my "favorites." please be encouraged - more people need to speak out against the emotional injustices that have been committed against them. even if you feel you are a lone voice, reaching no one? you are being read by many who may heed your words and take a different route. there is no more wisdom in a person that the wisdom found in the one who's "been there."