the anti *my* thoughts exactly

just when you thought you had it all figured out, philothea rose puts something in writing that has such wisdom that it makes me rethink my position that i posted here and i am actually considering doing this in real life as part of my Lenten challenge this year. she says:
How do you think you would do if you had to go a whole day without using the words "I", "me", "myself" or anything of the like. The point being, could you go a whole day without talking about yourself?

This challenge came across to me in one of my many adventures in reading, but don't ask me when or where I found this. I can't remember. But this thought has always stuck in my head. I have wanted to try it, but never really have. There have been times when I have gone to events and have vowed to be a good listener and to be totally present to the people I am interacting with, but I've never tried anything as concrete as committing to a whole day of not talking about myself.

only thing is, i tend to think outside the box on occasion and honestly already have at least two different ways of getting my point across without saying *i* *me* *my/mine*

gotta love a challenge.

anyone else have a challenge lined up?

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