our one priests, father al, is very mellow. he's the kind of guy that puts you at ease the minute he starts to speak ~ he's got that kind of dolcet-toned voice. plus he is super smart - never takes notes up for his homily, just right from the heart and/or his memory.

today's readings were the beatitudes which really are the foundation of the teachings of Jesus. what a concept to actually meditate on them and try to live them.

however, he focused today a lot on humility - defining it, giving examples, but he said something that really spoke to me: true humility is living in the truth of things.

what is truth?

no wonder everyone is confused because everyone has different truths from different perspectives. it's not always black and white, but really? it is. what's next? to know what is truth and to live in that ~ that means not compromising on your integrity, not compromising on your morals. speaking in truth, in love. treating others with dignity and respect. listening but defending the truth without being hateful or spiteful. it means knowing the Word of God and standing on it in time of need.

how impossible a task is this, to live in the truth of things? as black and white as things seems to be, when we do discover a shade of grey (hey, it could happen...) , the only place we must look to find the Answer is up.

that is Truth.

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