i am still here

i have gotten a lot of emails regarding the loss of daisy and just wanted to let you know i am still here and no, i have not stopped blogging. i cannot believe how hard hit i have been over the loss of my cat, but that is the truth and that is why, along with being at the hospital friday, saturday and monday, i have not blogged.

here's my quandry o' the day: i have a fake 25th class reunion next month on the 30th. i say "fake" because the plans came together late, the person whose house it was supposed to be held at (to save on costs -- but really, for our 25th, shouldn't we be able to spring for a nice dinner out or at least cocktails and snacks at a local haunt??) was canceled, so we are left with *maybe* meeting out for drinks. i have no clue what the response has been, but my name has been tagged along with those who are meeting for shots, i mean drinks and i have absolutely ZERO desire to reunite.

even if it's been 25 years.

what is my problem?

and can i lose 25 pounds by september 30?

talk to me, those who have attended reunions and tell me that it is all good and all will be well...

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