a little cat blogging

it is time. usually when i have nothing to say (but i really have much to say!! i am just holding back...), i go in for the cat blogging.

this first representative is petey atop the computer (reminds me of "there's a penguin on the telly vision set!"). i must point out that the fine background picture was provided by the uber-talented captoe without his knowledge. i am not sure if i am violating his rights, but i am certain he will tell me if he has ascertained that i have. in the meantime, go check him out.

second picture is of my lily. my husband is cleaning up the yard since it has been sorely neglected for, say, about 7 years but now that the restaurant is closed, he spends his days off outside and is a happy camper to do so. today, he found daisy's cat collar, so i think when he showed lily, she became a little pensive and sat and stared outside for about an hour. this was the capture of that moment.

(no i really don't think it is why she was pensive; i believe she had eyed up a squirrel that looked a bit yummy. i am not that far over the edge, folks!)

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