Every comment has been printed out. I have received emails I truly do not deserve, but am exceedingly grateful for, and held one telephone conversation I won't soon forget :) (think Jesuit seminarian, Boston-area...)

I am convinced in my heart of hearts that I am a Catholic and will remain thusly. I may not be into a lot of the devotions that my fellow Catholics are but now realize that some of what I feel is over-the-top is not meant for me but that I am no less Catholic for it.

I do know that I love the Sacraments...I love the richness and beauty of the Church, the ancient and sacredness of the Traditions (capital T on purpose), and the saints, their lives, their struggles; they bring me closer to God. Mary and I may have some work to do together, but that is okay, as well.

Your words of encouragement, advices, and affirmations have been invaluable to me. This has been a week of true soul-searching, struggling, back and forth with God and He has spoken to me through all of you and in the silence of my heart. Whoever says the internet doesn't foster *real* friendships doesn't know you folks.

I want to be where God wants me to be and I believe He wants me to remain in the Church with my family. He will continue to meet me there, as well as through the eyes of the poor.

So be it.

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