I've been *stuck*

Since Tuesday of this week, I have had the incredible privilege of working in Atlantic City at the Healthplex to get my "clinicals" in for phlebotomy. I am also privileged to be working four days next week, as well. (Yes, I am drawing blood :)

Since I have been there, I have dealt with all walks of life -- the poorest of the poor to new hires for the hospital; every last one has been wonderful and respectful and I have, in fact, been kissed by one patient on the cheek and hugged by several others. :::blushing:::

In this place, I have learned out to be *other-focused* once again. Yes, my financial difficulties are still looming, but they don't seem to be quite as large. I have also hooked up with a lady who works at Sister Jean Webster's kitchen and I will be over there volunteering on my "in-between" days at the hospital.

God is so good. This was an opportunity I almost *opted out of*, doing my clinicals, because of the "chance" at the position with the Legal Department.

Who knew?

(I think God knew it would get my blood pumping again...)

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