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...even if all are watching.

day 15 and i am without any pharmacological support (other than my Synthroid) until tomorrow. it's funny - you know when you buy a new car, it seems like everyone in the world has the same care as you? we noticed while watching television last night, just about every other commercial had to do with depression and anxiety and Effexor or Cymbalta.

either it is a huge coincidence or a hug epidemic; i am uncertain as to which.

i am doing okay, knowing that this is almost over -- the zaps were to a minimum this weekend, and my only symptoms these last three days other than failure to sleep through the night (which has long been an issue for me, so i don't know if i can blame the pharmaceuticals...) has been an awful sour stomach. fruity pebbles were a desirable choice this morning, so perhaps that, too, is on the mend.

i've been taking some time and going through my last three years of blog posts (mostly the months i was the chattiest) and have added to my sidebar a new spot "memorable moments," as well as a scrolling view of most of my pics i have uploaded (save for my flickr stuff), and groovy new quotes.

fun stuff, this.

also took some time this weekend to spruce things up a bit and am looking forward to creating my Christmasy blog and perhaps moving all of my mental illness/medication issues to a new blog so this won't be so depressing for people to visit (lest you start thinking you need meds, as well...)

so this is my Sunday. i am searching for some Caryll Houselander to read and will pick up the quilt whilst the hub gazes upon that which is called football here in the states. all are awake, so it is entirely possible to attend a morning Mass instead of our usual 6:30 p.m.

as is not apparent from the picture i have chosen to accompany this post, things really are looking up :)

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