coming clean

i have spoken of my issues with addictions in the past, so much so that i won't go overboard in this post with the self-linky-love. you could, however, do a search on this blog and discover my past threads if you are even remotely interested in what i have said in the past. (oh, and why wouldn't you be??)

what i have now done, and believe me when i tell you it did not come from me, was made the decision to stop drinking alcohol and start attending AA meetings. i had a few incidents that surrounded my drinking over the past few months (years??) that while they may be blog-worthy reading, are beyond anything even i am desirous of sharing with God, let alone my precious few readers, here.

by the way ---> today is Day 10 of sobriety :)

meanwhile, the blog i began to discuss at length for my paxil withdrawals has now morphed into my journey with AA. i am sharing this information with you here so (a) you know where i am if i have not been keeping up with m2, and (b) if you want to read what i have been experiencing, you are welcomed to do so. i have been pretty much an open book and honest with everyone but myself and it is time to put that to an end and come clean.

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