thoughts from my 2nd meeting (90 in 90)

am desirous of finding a *home group* and felt very comfortable with the folks i met with last night. i told them of my turning my house upside down, looking for my 24-hour chip, and they graciously and gladly gave me another --> this time, i got a hug :) so much warmth.

about mid-way through our meeting, a late-comer arrived and sat next to me. when she settled in, i passed her my pamphlet i am using to collect phone numbers and she jotted quickly her name and number and passed it back. we chatted during the break and we apparently have a lot in common (how is that? how could i not have known or felt this for the years prior to now that i was an addict when it came to this, as well?) and by the end of the night, she had added the words "please call me any time..." next to her name and when we hugged (a very huggy bunch) i asked her how long she had been sober (thinking: sponsor) and she said, "only a short while."

earliert in the meeting, it was discussed how you should be careful who you hang with, especially if you are in a situation where there could be *trouble*, i.e., out to dinner and both being in a weakened state and in danger of compromising your sobriety. hearing her say "only a short while," i responded with a "i guess we shouldn't go to a local tavern for dinner, then..."

we both laughed. i am hopeful i will see her again because i liked her spirit.

the quest for a sponsor continues. am i wrong in thinking i need someone with a lot of time under their "belt?"

(blogging on the back later to check in.)


Heidi Renee said...

damn girl, you're making me cry and i haven't read anything except your m2 post.

i am so proud of you!

you're in my prayers and will continue to be. lighting a candle for you even now.

annie said...

How excited and hopeful I am for you!

Steve F. said...

Gentle nudge from afar re: sponsorship... (and no, yo' fairy godbrutha is not pitchin' for the job...)

It will sound silly - but there is actually a pamphlet entitled "Questions and Answers on Sponsorship" which will be very helpful.

IME (in my experience), you don't need some 30-year-sober Lady Methuselah to be your sponsor. The general rules I've found are:
1) Someone who themselves has an active sponsorship relationship - you can't give away what you ain't got.
2) Someone who has worked all 12 steps - preferably repeatedly. (I love the line one newbie said: "What do you do when you're done working the steps?" Sponsor's answer: "You lay REAL STILL - cuz yore dead.") There's always more to learn...
3) Someone who's happy to be sober, and happy to be of service.
4) It helps to find someone who has some common interests, but it ain't necessary. Most of my sponsors have something I WANT, but have very little in common with me otherwise.

Th-th-th-that's all, folks!

~m2~ said...

steve tonight someone said his sponsor told him "the only difference between you and God is God doesn't want to be you."

i am on the search and regarding your comment above, dear brother o' mine, i sit so quietly, you'd not know i was there save for my affirmative nodding.

i am going back to where my meeting was last night (that i loved so much) and maybe i'll just introduce myself by saying it is my 6th meeting in a row, 13th day of sobriety. this day is done, thank God. it was not an easy one.