penni, for your thoughts: The Book Update #1, #2 and #3

Update #3 below in LIGHT BLUE.

Am keeping Updates #1 and #2 here in case you missed them. See below attempt at humor for slight chuckle.

Update #2 below in RED. Am keeping Update #1 here in case anyone missed this post the first time around (oh, and how could you have??)


The Book Update: tomorrow is Saturday and I am going to my post office box -- I am trying to go once a week to retrieve mail (and hopefully not have it echo like Charlie Brown looking for a Christmas card)...I am excited and I hope it is for good reason!

I have gotten comments and private emails from people who are desirous of contributing to the book but are a bit wary of tearing out a page from a private journal, thereby throwing their whole book out of balance. I understand about needing balance so yes: a photocopied page from your journal will be graciously welcomed by your book hostess as I would rather have a photocopied page of yours for the book than nothing at all!

I am overly-linking my book idea link because I may have one or two new readers who are not aware that I am compiling a book; next update on the book will be soon.

for the book :)

Update #2 -- The first week I went to the post office, I heard crickets. Felt like Charlie Brown looking for his Christmas cards. It was cool, I left, downcast and a bit wistful, but thinking there must be SOMEBODY ..... SOMEWHERE ..... that wishes to support m2 in her quest! I wiped the errant tear from my eye, took a deep breath and carried on my week.

Week #2 - Angelmeg is truly an angel!! She not only sent me one journal entry, but TWO!! yes, that is what I am talking about! I have an assurance from another blogger that another entry is on its way to me and that thrills me to pieces.


I cannot compile a book with three entries, people! Step up to the plate - you were happy to endorse and sign off on the idea, I have bent my will to yours and will accept photocopies of submissions, as well as typed submissions. Heck, I should just go to your blogs and take what I want!! (kidding, kidding) So let's go, folks -- you said "yes" to the idea, but your actions, your actions, they tell me "no."

***also acknowledging (thank you Erin!!) the fact that it is CHRISTMAS and could I be any more selfish???!!!??? please forgive me, I will not go to the post office until after January 1.

then I shall come back and whine if there is nothing there for me :)



I know this is getting obnoxious, and I really thought I might scrap this entire project, being as I didn't think anyone was interested.

That is, until I went to the post office today :)

Okay, so I have a total of six (6) responses and that might be enough to have someone of less sterner stuff scrap the whole book thing, but these journal entries were so profoundly touching, i.e., one was written by the mother of an entrant on junk mail because she was locked out of her house and she needed to write to vent. what makes this all the more touching is she now suffers from Alzheimer's and journals no longer, but even more touching for me is the fact that one of the circulars mentioned a store opening in Indianapolis, Indiana and Danville, Illinois, and Indy was where I lived as a small child and Danville was where other parts of my family lived. Small world.

Small digression from the fact that I am putting the plea on my sidebar again, putting it on the sidebar of my other blog and am hopeful that there might be more takers to this pretty cool project (she said, ever so humbly).

And for those hearties who were kind enough to send me an entry already: My deepest appreciation for your support in a project that has gotten off to a bit of a shaky start. It means more than you could possibly know...

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