where are you going?

this is such an amazing picture from an introspective's point of view...solitude, not wishing to engage. i can feel for this person (regardless of whether it was posed or not; i suspect it was.) i am her, at various times.

i attend my meetings on a daily basis and for the first week, i was very much this girl -- looking away, no eye contact, did not avail myself to anyone; scarcely breathed.

however, something has changed in me, over the past few days...i am actively listening. i am nodding in affirmation, joining in on the laughter (please note: alcoholics are "not a glum lot!"), and entering into the pain and sorrow or suffering of the others walking the walk with me, sharing the same space, the same hour together.

no longer on a bus, all alone.

i feel as though i am starting to breathe.

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