and it wasn't even planned!

ben and kelly came over yesterday for a "surprise" visit -- tremendously welcomed as they don't seem to pop in as much as i would like. they even came back for dinner :)

she admitted she knew when her shower is because she had scheduled a tour of the childbirth center on the same day -- her mom had to come clean. i seriously do not know why there always has to be a big "surprise" - especially with expectant mommies! i would think they'd be the last ones you would desire to stress out, no?

even though she knows her date to receive an abundance of stuff, i have not shown her anything that has been made by me. which is another reason why i haven't posted any (more) pictures. i just bought camera batteries so the day after, i will have a blog full of pics to share.

it has been laid on my heart for the past several weeks to talk to them about church. they haven't attended a church since they married last summer, and ben has remained steadfast by her side as far as not attending a Catholic church (much to my chagrin). however, they attended the funeral of a friend's father a couple of weeks ago, and ben made mention last night that all the prayers came back to him and he received a bit of comfort being there. of course, he pointed out that nobody preaches like my friend Pastor Charlie, and then kelly chimed in that she liked the traditional feel of the Mass :) and loved the hymns. i spoke to them about the Church having as wide an array of Catholics as there are Christians in other denominations and how i cannot seem to walk away from the Mass without having felt changed somehow.

i said "having a baby changes everything, doesn't it?" they have been thinking about looking for a church for some time, but simply haven't began attending. no time like now, eh? maybe they should just look up what time the services are and just show up :) i think God would appreciate the spontaneity in that. i believe little Hannah will benefit from it, as well.

(2 1/2 more months until i see her precious face!)

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