under any and all.

just thought i'd share my husband and i argued during the early part of the day and then gave each other the silent treatment for the balance.

good sobriety, that.

he's being an asshole and i am sure he thinks i am behaving as one. i am being stubborn as i don't think i did anything wrong, so i will not promptly admit it. sure, i know that i played a part in this day-long disagreement. i know i tend to take the side of the children when they are hurting, smarting from his mouth. i know he was smarting from mine, by the time 4:00 approached.

silence through dinner. silence through television watching. i washed, dried, and folded more clothes while sitting at the computer playing games because i couldn't bear the silent treatment.

but i didn't pick up a drink. i didn't overeat. i didn't act out. whatever the freak that counts for, whatever.

he hollered "i'm not happy!" and i calmly replied, "neither am i."

being sober isn't easy. feeling pain and anger and not doing anything about it isn't easy. but getting loaded and really telling him how i feel would have been about 10 times worse.

question now is -- do i sleep on the couch or what?

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