little arrow prayers that work

i have a prayer box necklace that is very special to me. so special, in fact, that i only wear it when i am feeling the need to keep my prayers around my neck and in the forefront of my mind.

this morning, i felt the need. i had a day planned ahead of me that i felt i could use some extra assurance on. when i removed the last prayer i had, i believe it was from when my mom had taken ill - i remember searching high and low for the saint who would most help her (St. Bernardine) who is the patron saint of lung problems. the prayer read as follows:

St. Bernardine of Siena, please pray for my mom. Intercede on her behalf and make it a good one, please. In Jesus' holy name, I pray.

only i would be snarky with a saint -- basically telling him i didn't want any crappy prayers said on her behalf - only ones that were good. (good Lord!) apparently it worked, because mom is still with us (thank you, sir!)

my prayer for today, much more simplistic:

O God, come to my assistance/O Lord, make haste to help me!
He honored that for me today, too.

i watched, on the 4th of july, Into Great Silence, the trailer of which is below this post. it was one of those most profoundly moving, quiet films i have ever watched. it was like watching a prayer in action.....
[even if you have a simple prayer to share, please shoot one up for my friend and brother, owen, who is suffering with some major health issues and could use a little bit o' heaven-storming on his behalf.]
so tell me in the com box -- what prayers help you get through the day? what is your prayer life like? what would you suggest to a friend who is struggling with prayer?

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