miracles are all around us...

you must know that up until today, November 23, 2008, my chocolate chip cookies left something to be desired - namely, shape. they were flat as pancakes and the chips looked like little blemishes. for years, my cookies have been known as the "flattest, tastiest cookies around." dubious distinction, but a distinction nonetheless.

my sister debbie, however, is known in the family as the cookie maven. everything she touches turns into this delicate little edible things that melts in your mouth, or when dipped into a glass of cold milk, take you back years to your childhood when your make-believe moms would bake cookies when you came home from school on your first day.

(yes, they are that good.)

something happened yesterday when i made oatmeal scotchies - they weren't flat. in fact, they were amazingly at least 1/2" thick, no lie!! i almost posted a picture of them, but held off because i knew the true test would come today when i made chocolate chip cookies with toasted walnuts. admittedly, both days i used splenda and splenda brown sugar; both days, whole wheat flour. perhaps the fluffy comes from the healthier ingredients? uncertain. i wish you could see them in real life (this is an actual picture of my chocolate chip cookies. i could cry, i am so pleased!!) or better yet -- smell my house...!!

i just say have to say to debbie -- move over, my sister!! there is a new sheriff in town :)

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