Transcendence Indwelling

Nativity - Brian Kershisnik
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The church commences at the manger, a scene fraught with human messiness and hardly engaging at first glance. Yet this is the dawn of the church: transcendence indwelling the most ordinary of human events; a birth; a love-struck God going to great ends to get in on life with us in the most intimate way possible; a family driven to a shabby stable by the demand of emerging life; a newborn's wail; mystery in the night sky; wise people looking beyond their wealth, power, and knowledge for something more.

Every one of them are struck by wonder, knocked to their knees by Holiness that takes their breath away.... Transcendent Power breaks into our agendas with audacious vulnerability, needing shelter, human love, nurture, and reverence. And miracle of miracles, through revealing its need of us, we are the ones transformed.
Loretta Ross
Source: Making Haqqodesh, a newsletter of The Sanctuary
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the Merriest of Christmases to you, my dear ones! what a difference a year makes! this time last year, my inward pain was beyond all telling...this year, my heart is so light, it is incredible! my daughter (who was the source of some of my angst last year) sat and cried on two different occasions yesterday because all they had gotten me "was pajamas and skullcandy" (i cannot even tell you how excited i am about new earbuds for my iPod!!) - she even suggested they return some of what i bought her to buy me gifts ---> which was probably the biggest present she could have given me, being unselfish!
it isn't about the presents this year for me, not even is about getting through this past year of transitions without drinking. i know that sounds odd to those of my friends who visit that don't have an addiction to alcohol or other substances, but i didn't drink through some seriously painful transitions...not drinking...the birth of my granddaughter (if you know me, you will know why this has been a trying time)...working full-time at an incredibly stressful job and not quitting or getting fired...walking with Molly through spinal surgery and recovery...enduring the most painful argument i have ever had with my husband (but one that has opened up a whole new avenue of communication)...and not drinking
not one time :)
what a holy holiday this has been for me. i am filled with gratitude and awe over my God and the new friendships i have formed. i am enjoying a "whole new attitude and outlook upon life" which is also wonderful...i feel as though i am truly transformed, as stated in my opening paragraphs, above.
[and if anyone follows my link to the person who hurt me so bad last Christmas that my heart hurt? i cannot even recall who that was!]
ha! :)
Merry Christmas and many blessings to you and yours!

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