Do What Is Given

When you start some new work,
you give in completely to it.

You're excited,
because the Creator keeps you
from seeing what's missing.

Your heatedness hides that,
so you do the work, and then look back
and see the nature of it.

If you'd seen that at first,
you wouldn't have done anything!

Don't worry about repenting.
Do the work that's given,
and learn from it.

If you become addicted to looking back,
half your life will be spent in distraction,
and the other half in regret.

You can live better than that!
Find happier friends.

Say: Show me the faults
of my destructive actions, but don't show me
what's wrong with my good work.
That way I won't get disgusted and quit!

Solomon had a habit of visiting the mosque at dawn,
because then he could see
with an early morning eye
the new spirit-plants that were growing.

Encourage that freshness
in yourself, and not what clouds you
with dullness and futility.

(via inward/outward)

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