Divine Mercy Sunday

I read all over the blog-o-sphere all of the writings my fellow brethren have posted about Divine Mercy Sunday. I will be honest, and as I have just admitted to another Christian friend, I am not one to do novenas or sign up for what has been gleaned from another's private revelation. I am sure this will set a bunch of my friends into a tailspin, but it is something that I have struggled with when I haven't felt "Catholic Enough," but have been assured by enough folks that private revelation is just that: private. You can choose to believe if you desire to do so (which I think the Holy Spirit plays a big part in your belief) and if it strengthens your faith, blessings!

"Do not quench the Spirit. Do not despise prophetic utterances. Test everything; retain what is good" (1 Thess. 5:19–21) Thank you, Lord - You always have the Word of wisdom...

But if it doesn't strike me like it does the rest of your Catholic brothers and sisters, it is okay. It doesn't make me any "less Catholic;" it just means the Holy Spirit hasn't pricked my heart in the same way and I will be fine...I am finally *fine* with that.

Yesterday at work, it was chaotic. The barometric pressure from the Nor'Easter caused many mamas, including mamas who were not due until July or so, to come in with pre-term labor and other assorted conditions. We were hopping yesterday.

They are interesting, the women I work with. Management continually emphasizes teamwork for better customer service scores, but when another nurse called for help with starting an IV on post-partum, the opinions expressed by those still sitting in their chairs who, prior to the phone call were discussing the latest "whatever," were less than kind regarding the nurse who needed assistance. I sat there, incredulous, but because I "know my role," basically said nothing at that time. I got up and went down the hall to see what was happening in triage. When the nurse came back that went up to assist and the conversations started up all over again about the nurse who needed help, I said "do you realize how much she had to humble herself to ask for that help? I just don't *get* you folks! I am sorry, but I don't!!" The conversation came to an abrupt halt.

Also, we have many patients now who come from the City (meaning Atlantic City) because our OB department closed and we have merged into one unit. I was actually hired for the City but the mainland was so busy, I was only assigned to go once. I was also disappointed because the City gets varied clientele - from the rich visitors to the casino who came a little too close to their due date to the homeless. I was excited because I would be with "my peeps..." My excitement turned to disappointment turned back to excitement because now, we get everybody.

One of my patients yesterday was one of the homeless. She fell and was brought in by ambulance because she fell on her tummy and we had a wonderful chat about her baby at "home" and her baby in her belly while I transported her to ultrasound. When I went to pick her up to take her back, she had been given four pictures from the ultrasound tech that she was thrilled to have; thank God, the baby is fine and she will probably be back in about a month to deliver...another homeless girl who had already delivered was upstairs. Her "family" and visitors were asked to leave because they were found sleeping on the floor in her room because they had nowhere to go and wanted to stay in a show of support for the mama and probably because they had no place else to go that was warm and out of the horrendous weather conditions we have been experiencing. The chatter I heard, again at the nurse's station but actually, on a different floor, was mind-boggling.

"Where is the compassion? Where is the grace, the mercy?" Again, the Mouthy One, again, the conversation ender. Oh, well.

However, I am thinking in my own way, and even though I didn't pray the prescribed prayers and do all the things one has to do in order to obtain special graces, I experienced my own Divine Mercy Sunday.

Well, now.

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