Day 6

Since I really didn't experience much by way of withdrawal symptoms the first two days sans Paxil, I guess I needed to make up for lost time these past four days.

Just a brief recap: this whole "weaning off so the symptoms will be less" is not cool...for me or for anyone who comes in contact with Captain Potty Mouth and Attitude to Match. Moreover, the physical withdrawals are so random and so quirky, I feel like I simply twitch for no reason or get jolted for good measure, like I am not paying close enough attention and God is giving me an internal shock to launch me into service.

Service of what? Then I mentally debate it, why it is happening, over and again, the internal dialog that doesn't seem to quiet down, ever.

The worst, however, is the anxiety -- the extreme anxiousness I felt when facing something like walking to the Ladies' room at a restaurant: actually having to consider for 20 minutes the walking by people, what if I see people I know and they want to talk to me, deciding against it before actually feeling so uncomfortable it was no longer an option.

The fact that it took me 20 minutes before I could muster up the courage is ridiculous notion to most, humorous to others, but debilitating to me, who actually experienced it.

It totally sucked

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