Day 7

i know - it's only 8 a.m., but so far, i've baked muffins and read some blogs, made coffee, and checked out my daughter's best friend's (alana's) flickr account - she got a new camera and actually has a pretty good eye, especially for someone who has been taking pics for about 24 hours and is all of 14 years old :)

also felt it was time for a little cat blogging. the first pic is alana's cat, *snowy* who in this pic, to me, looks very nonplus so he matches my early morning mood.

now, we move on to *petey*, who has sweet face in this pic, so i figured i'd add him for good measure since i am going to spend time with my family today...i thought she had a good capture, regardless.

(however, i have also been talking with God and am assured He will be with me today as i navigate the waters of River Dysfunctional, so i believe it should be a good day.)

off to the pharmacy to get the new Rx. thank you for indulging me in my addiction/withdrawal postings. this is the tough mean time and i feel the prayers of the saints who are helping me through...

edited to add:

aside from a brief, but significant internal meltdown in the check-out line of the CVS, and later, upon arriving at home, the burst-into-tears-for-no-good-reason, the day went pretty well.

being at my brother & sister-in-law's house was actually brilliant and it was really lovely seeing all of my *sisters* sitting at the table and talking amicably. and drinking coronas, but i don't believe that is why - i think some mending and reparation is going on and it is really cool to witness.

even when i felt removed. i want to hasten to add that it is Me not Them. i am removing myself when it gets odd on the inside. at least for now.


otherwise, mom looked pretty good, save for a couple of needed pounds, and all went swimmingly.

yay :)

did i mention in my quiet time, i have picked up an old hand-quilting project? it seems to center me and it is good for my soul. the only trouble is, and anyone who does handwork and has cats can attest to this: a cat will jump on my lap, regardless of whether there is room with an 18" quilt hoop on it.

petey, especially.

more on that later, just felt like sharing *where i am*

/day 7

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