Being Directed

Rogier Van der Weyden
The Magdalen Reading


I left for my meeting yesterday morning with great anticipation because I was meeting with someone different than the first time - I don't recall how much I discussed it other than I didn't *feel* it went well and when the phone rang the other day to set up the appointment with the other Sister, I leaped at the chance.

As it turned out, I had the same Spiritual Director as I did the first time -- she had seen the appointment book over her secretary's shoulder and said "Penni is one of mine!" so she came instead of the other nun. I had left something in the car so I used my short walk to retrieve my notes as a time for quick prayer to (a) not let my disappointment show and (b) further prayed that I would be open to whatever God had intended for me to know through Sister during our 45-minute meeting.

Can I tell you? We chatted for an hour and a half and it was wonderful! I brought up several issues with the Church that I had been struggling with, she gave me terrific advice and suggestions and said that the longer she sat and talked with me, the more the Lord was "laying on her heart" that I am "a contemplative but don't quite know it...yet..." There are great "depths to where He wants to take" me and she said that it kept coming up in her very strongly as we were talking. She made further suggestions about going to Adoration and practicing Lectio Divina. I am willing to give it a try.

When I came home, there was an envelope from a nearby parish in my mail regarding a seminar they will be holding on "Centering Prayer." Turns out, it is on one of my weekend days off toward the end of February.

Well, now :)

It was as if God is now saying to me, "Where to next?"

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