gratitude and bay view

not knowing if it was fully in me, or if it was by "happenstance" yesterday, i awoke today again in a feeling of gratitude.

i went to an early meeting this morning (what a difference in how my day runs!) and it overlooked the bay in the town i grew up in. it was peaceful and peace-filled and i can honestly say as i look around at those sipping their coffee and offering up their stories in a sense of sacrifice in order to help the struggling ones overcome, i found myself sitting in a chair of gratitude.

who would have thought?

three weeks ago i began my journey and as i sit and listen to these folks with 12 years...3 years...23 years "next week, God willing" i cannot help but think of how blessed i am sitting in the company of giants.

i am actually starting to feel blessed!

there is sobriety in these coffee urns, and the sights and sounds in these meeting rooms are actually conduits of holiness: the kind of holiness to comes to you only when you are broken and shattered; that comes when you beckon. it is there, in its silence, in its enormity, its entirety -- the sum of all its parts. sacred ground.

who will rescue me from this body of death? thanks be to God, and it is all because i finally recognized my life as unmanageable, that there was a power Greater than Me, and i can actually turn things over to Him without pretending i have and taking it back in all its denial glory.

God, am i happy about that.

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